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victoria martin. 20 years old siberian.
obsession with: green day. blink-182. sherlock holmes. toy story. harry potter. doctor who. misfits. the avengers.
tom w. hiddleston
kut u up and chris cote.


on a steady diet of soda pop

make me choose: Captain Jack Sparrow or Mad Hatter (asked by deppishly)


      get to know meme: favourite couple - dale cooper x audrey horne [twin peaks series]

      What I want and what I need are two different things, Audrey. 


          - Professionals

          - Frat buds

          - Children

            Happy 10th Anniversary, American Idiot!


              Military in Foot, Ernest Meissonier, 1889. Detail.



                #this dialogue was like watching steven moffat give himself a blow job



                      "Audrey’s absence touches me in ways I did not predict. I find myself thinking not of clues or evidence, but of the content of her smile. The way it gives the lie to her delinquent posing, the hardened exterior which I suspect is more a matter of self-preservation than a heart that is cold. Audrey’s heart is warm”.


                        me: i’m gonna live my life to the fullest!
                        me: watches 17 episodes of a tv series in a row


                          MACBETH: do you think I would make a good king
                          LADY MACBETH skateboards across the hall
                          LADY MACBETH: king of jerking off maybe